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170: Try Joe Out

For listeners of Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky’s Podcast (Your Mom’s House), the “Try it Out Guy” was a frequently brought up character in the show’s history. Recently they have located him and called him up for an interview. I didn’t mention this on the show, but you should… Try it out!

I have included the show for you with time codes for the beginning and end of the “Try it Out Guy” but Scott Thompson’s interview was really good as well. Check Tom and Christina’s show out (link above).

Highlights of the Show:

  • We see how confused Joe gets with another Steve calls in. Spoiler: it’s pretty easy to be called a retard by Joe.
  • I feel like I may have contracted the flu from my boss at work. I’m achy all day and tired. I sure hope not.
  • My daughter and I spent an evening watching “Beyond the Unknown” and just made me think more and more about going to Salem with her for a day trip. Spoke highly about the little places that I frequently went to in the past and how I avoid it like the plague during Halloween season (ew, crowds).
  • A little coverage of the last Joe Watch. The audio sadly was taken from his Periscope stream.
    • I point out all the flaws in his audio as always, but a simple fix will help him. But don’t tell him or you’ll be blocked. Believe me. Been there done that.
    • Joe claims to be a “professional” which is why it’s hilarious.
    • Joe blames “the onions” for all his problems. We have NOTHING to do with his issues. It’s all on him. DON’T FEED THE TROLLS. One rule, never followed by Joe.
  • Caller sounded a lot like Jonesy, but wasn’t.
  • Joe is easily confused. He also doesn’t know what people use to watch his show.

I will try getting the audio from his ShoutCast stream next time. This time I put it on a back up somewhere and just couldn’t find it in time.

Achmed called the comment line, why don’t you!

Music This Week

  • A Perfect Mess – Maryslim
  • Mother Fucker, I Don’t Care – Murder Dolls

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