161: Sick of Being Sick

Tis the season for fever, aches, dizziness, congestion, nauseousness and puking and just being sick of being sick.

Steve was sick AF since last week, but somehow picked up the energy to do a show anyway. First we talk all about being sick and a rash of remedies that some are pretty natural and some are just plain weird. I mean who puts sliced potatoes in their socks. Actually, who wears socks to bed in the first place?!

After the first musical break we come back with our own little Ted Talk. No, not TED Talk, we’re talking about the serial killer Ted Bundy. Netflix has two shows about him and we go over the trailers a bit. Also people are tweeting about him being HOT! I think Netflix is doing this to just drum up views, and apparently the Bird Box tweets and challenge proved that it was a marketing ploy!

Is Netflix really exploiting us into watching their shows? You bet your sweet ass they are!

Next, Steve is tired of the cold weather. It’s been NEGATIVE temps even before the wind chill. WHEN WILL IT ALL STOP?!

Oh, yeah, less than a week.

We take another musical break and end the show off with three voicemails on the drunk line and end off with our latest Moment of Joe.

Still thinks “The Onions” actually were on his doorstep.

Music this week included:

  • Yeah Bitch / Nah Bitch – Schmoyoho 
  • Sick as a Dog – Brad Sucks
  • Down with the Sickness – Richard Cheese
  • Bills, Bills, Bills – Walter Sickert and The Army of Broken Toys
  • Mr. Nice Guy – Kabuto the Python
  • You Got Aspberger’s – MC Frontalot

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Host. Father. Madman with a follically-challenged head and a microphone? Be that as it may. He wrote all this stuff. May or may not have been in a sleep deprived haze. You decide!

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