Show Zero - Change is Coming

Change is Coming

That’s right! Change is coming to your ear butts soon! It has been quite some time since we have done a show but with a really good reason. Aside from married life, work, and also school, Steve really was not able to put together shows in the old format anymore. So with that in mind, we will be returning soon with a new format for the show. No more tongue-in-cheek characters doing weird things for the sake of comedy that landed more as dad jokes for the most part. We’re heading into the realm of the past and the paranormal. We have a lot to do behind the scenes including the sound setup as you can hear in this quick and dirty announcement. The Yeti is OK, but there is too much reverb in the room and I want the old sound back. Hence why the exact launch date is by year-end or by the beginning of 2022. Please be patient as we reconstruct and put together something amazing! You can ask us questions on the Twitter links or send an email just to say, “Hi!” Or give us some show ideas ahead of time. Listener submissions are always welcome. We hope to not make it our show, but yours as well in the future!

Welcome to the new VooDooRadio where history is spooky!

If you have ideas for the show or a nifty catchphrase for us to use at the end of the show, feel free to let us know as well!

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