169: Sass Squash

Is it Bigfoot in high heels? A pumpkin with attitude? Steve Curran in Drag? Find out tonight!

Never get dating tips from TikTok, really. I don’t recommend it.

Even though it’s a little late, but whatever. Let me explain. I was dog sitting this weekend and the dogs made it impossible to record so it had to wait till Monday.

Once I got into the studio I recorded a demo of a new parody and I gave you all a little sample of what it is.

First we’re getting a little nerdy talking about Raspberry Pi’s and Kodi with LibrElec. I got Netflix working and all is right! Getting closer to getting away from using the FireTV mostly.

Then we talk about the Easter stuff my kid got this year. BTW, get yourself Sake Kit Kats. They will fuck you up!

I’m on TikTok now. Kill me… Or follow me! @voodoostevie on there just like usual.Then we talk about my daughter and I possibly needing diapers next week to watch Avengers: Endgame. No soda for us, please.

Then we talk about my daughter and I possibly needing diapers next week to watch Avengers: Endgame. No soda for us, please.

Starting up a more productive schedule for the show work and.. I don’t feel so goo…

Just kidding, I survived the snap. And yes I am talking about you rolling your eyes at the nerd talk, goddammit!!!!!

Part 2: Blood and Pedophilia

After our musical break we talk a bit about Blood and boobies… I mean Game of Thrones. Which is in it’s final season. We talk about Araya Stark’s sex scene (still haven’t seen it as I write this) and how people are rushing to make sure she is “of age.”


Maisie Williams is 22, BTW.

And Araya is 18 at this point in the GoT timeline.

I am wondering if Maisie actually did a nude scene or was it a body double like Cersei’s walk of shame was.

Aside from GoT ending there are a lot of other shows that are ending, some too soon, others it’s about time, but some of the one’s staying are pretty much on their last leg (Supernatural and Arrow for example). I talked about this stuff for a bit too.

Ending off the show with talking about some future projects I have on deck and some reason I did a shitty Skeletor impression.

Our moment of Joe is the reason for the title of the show.

Music this week was:

  • Devil Inside – Dead Girls Corp.
  • Murder Song – Scum of The Earth
  • Bloodless – Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys

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