163: Post Valentines Depression

Well we have survived Valentine’s Day. The Hallmark holiday that makes you feel obligated to tell someone you love them only one day of the year.  St. Valentine’s the patron saint of bees for crying out loud! He has nothing to do with loving your significant other. So much for Valentine’s Day truths!

Part 1

Steve starts the show with his disdain for Valentine’s Day, but then switches to a very nerdy discussion regarding the issues he is still having with the member’s only section of our website. It could be server related, it could be something else. No one knows! And no one is giving solutions that are helpful.

Part 2

When we come back we talk about Joe and his antics this past week. Don’t tell him his audio sucks or you’ll be banned. Don’t prove it to him, or you’ll be banned. Just listen to that “awesome quality” in the clip we pulled directly from his last video. Joe with sound equipment is like a mentally challenged monkey with a nuclear reactor. What could go wrong?

He also berates people that are “ignoring” him like the girl who couldn’t get a date for prom. We read of one of his Facebook posts verbatim then we do a dramatic re-enactment in a more intellectual manner. But what can you do.

We also present a doctored version of his audio for you with four effects added to clean up the audio. It was still was pretty bad. Learn how to use the equipment right, dumbass! You can have the creme de la creme of equipment, but if you don’t know how to use it, it’s a really expensive rock.

Part 3

We come back with “The Secret of Tortilla Chips” that we all have fallen for over the years presented by Never Got Famous. Where Tristan tells us about chips and then gets dark for a moment.

We then talk about the N-word Pass that recently hit the news out of Maryland, feet fucking and fetishes, and weird shit yelled during sex before wrapping it all up for the week.

Hail Hydra!

Music this episode was the following:

  • Oweee! – Voltaire
  • Chandelier – Kawehi
  • Toxic Pool – oneboredjeu
  • Voltafaccia – crowrider
  • Backstabber – The Dresden Dolls
  • Pleasures (That I Call Mine) – Ten Year Vamp
  • Woah Vicky Calls a Pregnancy Hotline – Fart Simpson

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