Passing the Cringe

174: Passing on the Cringe

What’s better than sharing cringe material with you guys on the show? Sharing it with my daughter and recording it for the show.

Part 1: Tommy the Comedian

We take a quick look at TommyNC2010’s open mic which is just god awful. He took a comedy workshop and thought he was ready for the stage. Oh No! We also give some insight about his performance from Tim Henson of Distorted View.

Part 2: Cool Cat Cringe Movie Night

I introduced Emma to Cool Cat as a possible choice for our Friday night get together. Usually we will do dinner and a movie at her house, but this time it’s cringe night!

Now, Emma had a choice in deleting the video off her media center after we watched it, but she chose to keep it to torture her friends with it at a later date. The torch has been passed. She’s making her old man proud in becoming a masochist. Wait. What?

Music this show was:

  • You Got Asperger’s – MC Frontalot
  • The Bad Touch – Leo Moracchioli
  • Lost – Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra

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