Independent We Poop

179: An Independent Pooping Sociopath

Independently Pooping on Independence Day? No. Billie Eilish loves pooping. Dan Nainan is still a Sociopath and much more! Part 1: Fourth of July and Social Media Ranticles. The holiday really messed up my scheduling for shows and all the […]


N-Bombs^106 (ft. Crazy Joe)

Here is the mix of Joe saying the n-word one hundred and six times in the 9 videos that got him banned from Periscope. He still thinks it was all a conspiracy and that the Onions probably reported him to […]

Aftershow for show 178

178 Aftershow: Martinez Joe and The Queefy Bunch

This is the Aftershow of Show 178. Warning: If you are offended by the N-Word, why the hell are you listening to this aftershow? Now that I have given the warning, here we go with the aftershow! Let’s cover the […]

178: Abandoned Show

Abandoned your hopes of a good show. Abandon your expectations that I did a good show too. Welcome to the Shit Show! I really messed up this one. 10 minute bit that really didn’t land the way I wanted, and […]