Quickie #1: New Host, Who Dis?

With an issue with diarrhea makes Steve spin into a frenzy of getting the site moved for some reason other than the issue with the Horde’s RSS feeds, he decides to throw up… Ok, that sounded a lot better in […]

163: Post Valentines Depression

Part 1 Steve starts the show with his disdain for Valentine’s Day, but then switches to a very nerdy discussion regarding the issues he is still having with the member’s only section of our website. It could be server related, […]

162: Dead Raccoons Don’t Get Offended

I really want to be offensive. This week we start with a death of a “celebrity.” The raccoon named Oreo, who was the inspiration for the modelling of Rocket in Guardians of The Galaxy and Avengers has passed away at […]

161: Sick of Being Sick

Tis the season for fever, aches, dizziness, congestion, nauseousness and puking and just being sick of being sick. Steve was sick AF since last week, but somehow picked up the energy to do a show anyway. First we talk all […]

FTH-004: Don’t You Dare Call Me Santa!

Don’t you dare call me Santa, I am not that fat! This is an example of the patron only podcast I have been doing called “For The Horde!” Normally only patrons get this, but as a bonus Christmas gift, I […]