Independent We Poop

179: An Independent Pooping Sociopath

Independently Pooping on Independence Day? No. Billie Eilish loves pooping. Dan Nainan is still a Sociopath and much more! Part 1: Fourth of July and Social Media Ranticles. The holiday really messed up my scheduling for shows and all the […]


N-Bombs^106 (ft. Crazy Joe)

Here is the mix of Joe saying the n-word one hundred and six times in the 9 videos that got him banned from Periscope. He still thinks it was all a conspiracy and that the Onions probably reported him to […]

Aftershow for show 178

178 Aftershow: Martinez Joe and The Queefy Bunch

This is the Aftershow of Show 178. Warning: If you are offended by the N-Word, why the hell are you listening to this aftershow? Now that I have given the warning, here we go with the aftershow! Let’s cover the […]

178: Abandoned Show

Abandoned your hopes of a good show. Abandon your expectations that I did a good show too. Welcome to the Shit Show! I really messed up this one. 10 minute bit that really didn’t land the way I wanted, and […]

178: Garbage, Trash, And Faith in Humanity

Garbage comes in many varieties. Garbage that gets picked up and hauled away, Trash that is in the landfills, and then all the stuff on the internet we have come across. Trashing the show This is a redo of the […]

177: Little Shop of Dad Jokes

Fathers and dad jokes are always hand in hand. Fathers day has passed and it was quite eventful for Steve and his daughter with laughs, learning, and lots of smoked meats afterwards. Lots of fathers at the Old Village! Dadding […]

Addiction and Losses

175: Digital Addictions And Losses

Addiction is usually a bad thing. Is Steve completely addicted to TikTok now? Is Crazy Joe gone? We may have these answers, or more questions. High Times This week we talk about why there was no show last week. I […]