FTH-004: Don’t You Dare Call Me Santa!

Don’t you dare call me Santa, I am not that fat! This is an example of the patron only podcast I have been doing called “For The Horde!” Normally only patrons get this, but as a bonus Christmas gift, I […]

158: Holiday Pot… What?

Well, it’s the show before we kick off our holiday special (which will be two shows this year).  We kick off with a sexy Merrill Howard Kalin moment that guy knew how to cook some good and tasty food… Not […]

157: Aw nut(s)!

November 2018 has been the worst month for me so far! It’s no nut November and I hate to say it, but it really is a bad idea, not only that but it’s no shave November as well. Guess what […]

156: All Hallows Eve – ASMR Kids Edition

It’s the weekend before Halloween and we stir up some creepy and not so creepy stuff. Steve has a geeky moment talking about watching the Rosa Parks episode of Doctor Who with his daughter, then talks about the weird infiltration […]