164: OxiCondom Hording

Good Ol’ Crazy Joe gave us a new word. OxiCondoms. Expect a new shirt soon for that, of course.

Phase 1: Show and memberships

I’m back after a long week and last week was not me just sitting on my ass. Good Ol’ Crazy Joe gave us a new word. OxiCondoms. Expect a new shirt soon for that, of course. I got a lot done! We start with a run down of all the stuff I have done.

First and foremost, the private RSS feed for The Horde is working perfectly. Now you can join and get all the bonus stuff we are going to be offering for Horde members. Such as:

  • Bonus Shows
  • Extended Shows
  • Special videos for Horde Members only.
  • Special discounts on merch and music.
  • Payment plans begin at $5 per month. And save on quarterly and yearly memberships. We also offer a lifetime membership.

Join today at our website!

Afterwards, we talk about my new car that I got this week. I am really loving it. Except the radio only has an AUX port and no bluetooths at all! Guess 2006 didn’t think Bluetooth was a big thing for cars to have. I am going to be changing out the radio in the spring… Whenever that will be.

Phase 2: News shit

After the music break we talk about a few news stories that came out during the week

Phase 3: The Fuck offening

We wrap up the show for the freeloaders and have an improptu moment of Joe. Before we do.

Music this week was:

  • Vah-jay-jay – Psychostick
  • Drug Of Choice – 10 Years
  • High – Jimmie’s Chicken Shack
  • Weirdoz – Oxymoron
  • Fight Song – Methods of Mayhem
  • So Long – Miss Crazy

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