162: Dead Raccoons Don’t Get Offended

I really want to be offensive. This week we start with a death of a “celebrity.” The raccoon named Oreo, who was the inspiration for the modelling of Rocket in Guardians of The Galaxy and Avengers has passed away at 10 years old.

After a quick musical break, we return with talking about the retro website for Captain Marvel coming out on March Eighth of this year.

Then we talk about the 45th Anniversary of “Blazing Saddles” and how it cannot be made today and how comedy is meant to be offensive.

You want offensive? Well, we’re going over offensive things that were (and one still is) used for entertainment purposes.

After our next musical break, we return to discuss how we are moving away from Patreon due to issues with payouts and payments on their end. We are moving everything to VooDooRadio’s server and you can sign up for monthly, quarterly, annually, and life time memberships.

We also talk about the VooDooRadio Store which you can get out schwag as well as our tracks from the show.

Then we cover Grade A Under A’s video on swear words and how it’s stupid that they cannot be used just because society says we cannot.

All that, and a musical moment of Joe.

Music this week was:

  • Obey the Beard – Psychostick
  • Thriller – Leo Moracchioli
  • Kiss You Soft – Lourds
  • We Are the Ones – Zombie Girl
  • A Guy Like Joe – VooDooRadio

Please consider the following things:

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