157: Aw nut(s)!

November 2018 has been the worst month for me so far! It’s no nut November and I hate to say it, but it really is a bad idea, not only that but it’s no shave November as well. Guess what guys, but not busting a nut leads to prostate cancer. Oh and watch out for No Dick December, dummies! Speaking of cancer, I said goodbye to an old friend earlier this week. No, not Stan Lee!!!
My friend passed from breast cancer. Ladies, check yer tits! Check them even if you’re not 40! She was and now she’s gone!
We also talk about how the hospitals are becoming just like Comcast, my kids gets banned from using YouTube because Age restricted video options are bullshit, and more YouTube drama this past week including mental health breaks and Defy Media shutting down!
All this and a weather report from my friend Scotty!
Music on the show was:
  • Everyone I Love Is Dead – Type O Negative
  • Wicked Game – H.I.M.
  • Enormous Penis – DaVinci’s Notebook
  • Chatroulette – Jon Lajoie
  • I Touch Myself – Genitortures
  • Blister in the Sun – Violent Femmes
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