176: Bears and Monkeys and Joe! Oh, my!

Wizard of Oz has nothing to do what we are talking about here. I realize that I am basically Winnie the Pooh. I’m short, fat and proud of that. And I love me some honeys. Wait. What?

Shoe and Shirt Required, but no pants?

We start off with me explaining why I am like Winnie the Pooh then hit on the plans I have for my Father’s day with my daughter. And as I write this Father’s day just happened and I am fighting “the itis” as we speak. But before I succumb to the food coma, I am getting this up for you guys.

This year my daughter wanted to dress as twins to go to Old Sturbridge Village and BT’s Smokehouse. We both wore our Fantastic Beasts shirts with: “Become an Obliviator!” on them.

Drunk coverage of Crazy Joe

After the break and a glass of wine, we start delving into Joe’s premiere Live365 show he did on Wednesday, June 11, 2019.

Joe was banned from periscope recently because he dropped the n-bomb 95 times in the course of 9 videos. Named them with the n-bomb as well. Then wondered why he was taken down for breaking community guidelines.

I go over two phone calls from Horde Members Vicky and Steve Curran that they made into Joe’s show. It’s a hot mess because I am intoxicated.

I was originally going to make this show a short show, but turned out to be an hour, because why the hell not.

Music this show was:

  • Learn To Crawl – Black Lab
  • Locks – Gaiah

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Host. Father. Madman with a follically-challenged head and a microphone? Be that as it may. He wrote all this stuff. May or may not have been in a sleep deprived haze. You decide!

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