167: Mermaid Banging

Steve has a hypothetical dilemma involving banging a mermaid. Is it going to lead him down the road of bestiality or is it just the hot actress that plays a mermaid on a show that is on the channel formerly known as Disney Family?

Phase 1: Do you wanna fuck a mermaid?

Steve discusses this little conundrum then discusses some of the shows he watched with his daughter recently. Specifically, “Beyond the Unknown,” which showed the story of Carl Tanzler, a doctor that transformed a patient that passed away from tuberculosis while in his care into a doll. True Story!

As his daughter is getting older, she is finding interests in the paranormal and Cryptozoic creatures as well. Check out People vs. Paranormal for some great spoopy investigations from the Pioneer Valley Paranormal guys.

Phase 2: Feeling Dirty, but not with a mermaid.

After our musical break we talk about “The Dirt” which is the Motley Crue documentary that is on Netflix. More-so, we talk about the parts they got wrong (ft. by Grunge)

After the Dirt we wrap things up and give you our recent “Moment of Joe”

Music this show was:

  • Gothic Girl – The 69 Eyes
  • Ride – elusive
  • Don’t Come Around Here No More – Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys.

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