177: Little Shop of Dad Jokes

Fathers and dad jokes are always hand in hand. Fathers day has passed and it was quite eventful for Steve and his daughter with laughs, learning, and lots of smoked meats afterwards. Lots of fathers at the Old Village!

Dadding it up in this joint

My daughter and I went to Old Sturbridge Village and learned some new things we didn’t learn on our previous trips to the village. We saw a creepy looking hand print in the covered bridge, too. If you cannot see the picture in the show notes, head to the post on our website for it!

Fathers Day creepers

While we were there I was totally hitting her with dad jokes the whole time. And I recorded some video about it as well.

We hit up the Southern BBQ restaurant called B.T.’s Smokehouse and waited an hour and a half for them to get our order. Then we took it to go and got back to the house where she gave me part of my presents.

The second half of my Father’s Day gifts were given to me on Friday when Emma and I hung out later in the week.

It was on Friday that I introduced Emma to one of my all time favorite movies, “Little Shop of Horrors.”

We watched the Director’s Cut version which was the original version where the plant wins. The theatrical version had a happier ending which I had to tell her about. But it was a good lesson in how movies can be different between director’s cuts and what is seen in the theaters. Also I had to explain sadomasochism.

Dumbasses and Random things

Some people are really dumb. Apparently a christian group was petitioning for Netflix to cancel “Good Omens,” which is on Amazon Prime.

Spending time on TikTok is doing me good not just for mental health but for balance in my life. I also have been checking out the Like (Likee?) app as well. However on TikTok I have made it to 1K which is going to allow me to do live shows. Maybe I will Joe it up and have the show of shows on there. Hmmmmmm…

Aside from that I have actually been creating things and got a monkey puppet which will be part of the tomfoolery to come for videos. My daughter named him and I have made a T-shirt for him and will be working on a T-Shirt for the masses at some point down the road.

Rabi.tt is a good app, but kind of flaky. Especially if you want to use the PC. Support system is not sending emails out. It allows you to have a watch party with your friends or family through the many different streaming services out there with a chat room. I have watched a few movies with people I met on TikTok on it and it’s been a blast.

Music this show was:

  • I’m not Ok (I Swear) My Chemical Romance
  • Thrifty – Isonine

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