Independent We Poop

179: An Independent Pooping Sociopath

Independently Pooping on Independence Day? No. Billie Eilish loves pooping. Dan Nainan is still a Sociopath and much more!

Part 1: Fourth of July and Social Media Ranticles.

The holiday really messed up my scheduling for shows and all the other stuff I wanted to do, so this is a redo. I owe the Horde members more as well.

First we talk about the holiday shenanigans my daughter and I did together. Like how I taught my kid how to row a boat after the motor decided not to work.

Then I talk about how she is now an expert Vegetarian Fisherman now seeing she caught probably about 20 lbs of weeds while fishing on the 4th. However, she threaded the needle on the eye-hook on the raft in the middle of the lake which was awesome.

My kid is awesome, but she’s at the weird age where older cousins are too self-involved and the younger one is too much a kid for her. I don’t know if I should be worried, but she entertained herself pretty well.

After the good talk about the holiday, I got on a rant about kids on social media, how parents are not watching the kids and using the tablets and phones as a baby-sitting mechanism, like the TV was a baby-sitter for the previous generations.

One disturbing thing this past week was an 8 year old twerking in a tutu to the song, “Dancing Like a Stripper,” talk about inappropriate behavior.

On a bright-side. I got my first ever Fan art drawn of me… Here it is!

Check out @claytoon1994 he’s an awesome drawist!

Part 2: Sociopaths and So-Longs

Dan Nainan is back in the topics brought up on podcasts recently and in the NLO Group as well. I covered a little of the video covering the most hated man in comedy. Check out the full video at the link.

After that I talk about Mad magazine going away and Cameron Bryce (of course I remember the name after the show). And fall into the lovely phone calls from the drunk and high queefs: Jonesy and Curran.

Music this show was:

  • Lonely Children (Live at Shady Lady) – Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys
  • Never Wanted To Dance – Mindless Self Indulgence

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