178: Garbage, Trash, And Faith in Humanity

Garbage comes in many varieties. Garbage that gets picked up and hauled away, Trash that is in the landfills, and then all the stuff on the internet we have come across.

Trashing the show

This is a redo of the original show I took 9 hours to work on this week and then trashed it. The members of the Horde will be getting that as a bonus show as well as an aftershow.

I did include a sample of the bit I took 6 hours to make that turned out completely shitty and explained why it was trashed.

Garbage man Joe

Joe is just toxic waste that is festering on the internet. He doesn’t get the simple things to most of us Gen-X and younger (except Vicky, who is one of the few hip Boomers that is still up on technology and is willing to learn things). We have a moment of Joe with Steve Curran calling in and totally fucking up his own bit, which is why we all love him.

Faith in Humanity Leveling Up

Yes, I am talking about TikTok. My experience has been nothing but positive, but I guess what you put in you get back as well on the platform. I have steered clear from drama for the most part. And experienced an event that tugged at the wires that are holding this decrepit heart together. A woman and her two children lost their home this past week and about 40 of the larger TikTok creators and a lot of followers gathered to donate to assist her in her time of need. It was amazing to experience. And even though I did not win the raffle to spend an hour with any of the other creators, it was helping another human that lost everything that really mattered.

I also helped another friend out and she thanked me through a video. If you can’t see this in the show notes, go to the website where I have it in the post, along with my new monkey puppet in action.

Music this show was:

  • Gay Bar – Electric Six
  • E.T. – First to Eleven

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