Funk and Cake

181: Get The Funk Out! It’s My Birthday!

Funk is not just a form of music. Funk is a feeling of dread brought on by anxiety and depression. Welcome to my hell, mother fuckers!

On the first day of my summer vacation…

The show had a bit of a hiatus because Steve couldn’t get the energy to do a damn show, so now he’s back and rambling like never before.

Steve spends most of the show talking about what happened to him from the last show till today. He started talking about his work load causing an overwhelming feeling which made him not want to do anything with the podcast.

Then he went into talking about his Birthday week starting with Monday’s DMV trip. Then he talked about Tuesday’s Birthday day trip with his daughter. And then Tuesday night’s shenanigans while drinking.

Wednesday was a fuck off day. Steve was hung over and besides having a doctor’s appointment and blood work done, he did absolutely nothing.

On the Fourth day of my Summer vacation…

Thursday came and it was getting closer to the weekend. Steve worked on getting plans set up with a friend he met on TikTok to go for drinks on Friday night. Which fit in perfectly with his plans to watch End Game with his kid during the afternoon.

Steve had a blast Friday night meeting up with his fellow TikTokker and didn’t get home till 3:00 AM. Which of course made Saturday a Fuck Off day not just because he was feeling the effects of the night before, but it was just humid as all hell. But he did prep for this show.

Steve talked about how he almost punched a woman for taking his grocery cart away as he was checking out at the store, too.

Going forward, we may not do much Joe coverage. Mainly because he has not been doing much new stuff. He’s only repeating himself for the past few weeks.

Music this show was:

  • The Birthday Song – Jon Lajoie
  • It’s Not My Birthday – Fluid Ounces

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Host. Father. Madman with a follically-challenged head and a microphone? Be that as it may. He wrote all this stuff. May or may not have been in a sleep deprived haze. You decide!

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