158: Holiday Pot… What?

Well, it’s the show before we kick off our holiday special (which will be two shows this year).  We kick off with a sexy Merrill Howard Kalin moment that guy knew how to cook some good and tasty food… Not really.

I think I may have the 24 hour Ebola or something, I felt like crap the day of recording it but just tired AF today.

We talked about a lot of stuff this show, oh and did hit on the food subject a long time in. Here’s a rundown of the stuff we talked about:

  • Feeling not so good, but buggering on.
  • Queefmas Card Exchange (design will be album art after I get them out to everyone on the list)
  • Planning out show stuff, holiday food and present stuff for family
  • Touch base on Crazy Joe’s return to doing shows.
  • We had a huge profit with Pot Sales in MA in just the first two weeks of a dispensary opening for recreational sales. ($4.5 million!)
  • Teens prank church with pot in the censer burner in Spain
  • Real life Snowflakes complaining about Christmas stuff
    • Starbucks
    • Rudolph
    • School Principal Bans Candy Canes and more Christmas stuff in Schools
    • Baby It’s Cold Outside and other Christmas Music that should be triggers for SJW’s
    • Comments about Baby It’s Cold Outside with help from Funny or Die’s video from a few years ago.
  • Memories of Doctor Demento and the sculpting of my eclectic musical tastes.
  • My Ranting about Junk Food vs. Healthy Food in the U.S.
  • I share a couple of recipes (Avacado Sauce and Apple Butter (not together!))
  • I talk about the food I love to cook along with my infamous Chocolate Chip Cookies of Doom!
  • Non-alcoholic beverages I love to toss back.
  • Explanation of the artists played and wrapping up the show with acid reflux!

Music this week (in order)

  • I Go Hard – Gangstagrass
  • Milkshake – Richard Cheese
  • Beer – Reel Big Fish
  • The Night Before VooDooRadio – VooDooRadio
  • Fish Heads – Barnes & Barnes
  • Junk Food Junkie – Larry Groce
  • Apple Pie – The Bastard Fairies (Yellow Thunder Woman)
  • Pizza Butt – MC Chris
  • Gordon Ramsey vs. Julia Childs – Epic Rap Battles of History
  • BRAINS! – Voltaire
  • Chocolate Jesus – Tom Waites
  • Stranger Joe – VooDooRadio

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Host. Father. Madman with a follically-challenged head and a microphone? Be that as it may. He wrote all this stuff. May or may not have been in a sleep deprived haze. You decide!

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