Crazy Joe's Final Meltdown?

172: The Final Meltdown?

Crazy Joe has a meltdown on his latest show. Has Crazy Joe finally gone Ten-Seven? Would you be buried in a mushroom suit? Can Steve last through the test of patience from his listeners on the voicemail line? All this and more on this episode!

Phase 1: Priming the core for Crazy Joe

This will be the last time I will put an Old Town Road parody on the show… for now!

We kick off the show trying to enforce myself into the #metoo movement by consensually making love to your ears. Yes, I am an idiot, but at least I admit it. Wait. What?

A little intro to Joe for you newbies joining us. But if you have been listening long enough… I’m sorry. Just a little brief history for you.

Mother’s day is May 12th and I am hitting up the Berkshires to see my mother… No mini-me this time around.

Luke Perry was buried in a mushroom suit. Just toss me in a pine box and bury me upside down so the world can kiss my ass goodbye!

The thought of the night: The zombie apocalypse is gonna be hella fancy.

Phase Two: Ground Zero – Crazy Joe’s House

Joe really lost it this week. We cover all that then hit the voice mails. Jonsey called in and then later, Steve walked out of the studio while Curran and Vicky drunkingly conversed on the comment line. I guess I asked for it. 🙁

Operation #ignorejoe

Music This Week

  • Last Days – Lourds
  • Boys! Grab Your Guns – My American Heart

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One last note. I mentioned SoulForger66 on the show for the newscaster bits. During one of his live instances I joined in on he confided that the audio is actually from TheyCallMeToby. His lip sync ability was very convincing! Check them both out! Both are funny guys!

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