48 Hour Fear Monger Challenge

165: 48 Hour Fear Monger Challenge

Fear is a major motivator, however, the only thing we have to fear is stupid stories from the media outlets!

Phase 1: Hello and Crap

Steve talks about the abortion of a show he recorded the night before he recorded this one which will be released as a bonus show for The Horde! Then he talks about some of the new items for Horde Members only that were added since last week.

We then talk about the 4 celebrities that have passed in the past week including: Luke Perry, King Kong Bundy, Keith Flint, and Jan-Michael Vincent. We then have our obligatory tribute to Keith Flint in our first musical Break.

Phase 2: The Dorkening

When we come back from that, Steve tosses out the Geek Alert to talk about his kid and him planning to see Captain Marvel for her birthday and how people are losing their God Damn minds in a controversial statement that the SJW’s picked apart and blew up to be just a bunch of bullshit. All this makes Steve go off on a little tirade. Seriously, can we not just enjoy something without people becoming offended?!

We then take a quick musical interlude with ERB’s Marvel versus the Muppets. When we come back the Geek alert is still in effect so tread lightly.

After all that nerd stuff, we talk about Tim Cook changing his name on twitter because Trump messed up his name in a important meeting between business heads and the government.

Phase Three: Timmy Appleseed and Fear Mongering Media.

We then talk about a fake “Facebook Challenge” that the media is drumming up to basically scare out of it parents who don’t realize that teens are not even on Facebook any more!

Steve then goes off on a rant about YouTube, YouTube Kids, and Tumblr. Oh, and Momo is dead-dead, so there’s that.

The rant turns into shows that have way too many ads (Deja vu from last week for some reason… SHIT!).

Music this week was:

Please consider the following things:

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Clips at the end of the show were lifted off this video:

TikTok compilations have been a huge hole I have been going down. More on that next week!

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