Family Splatters

180: Family Splatters

Family… They say the family of the 21st Century is made up friends, not relatives… then again maybe that’s just bollocks.

No this isn’t an episode of Spaced, it’s an Episode where I talk about how we can have many different families to belong to. Both online and offline. Biological and chosen.

Family Gatherings aren’t Tinder!

We start off talking about my biological family has become more and more distant after the Matriarchal head of the family passed.

It seems that Crazy Joe may be going away and that may make one of my online families go away. And that kind of depresses me.

I then talk about my TikTok family, primarily about my TikTok Niece, JackJack (@theycallmejackjack on TikTok) who is a real smart and creative kid that I see a lot of potential in and see her having an awesome future ahead of her. I also talk about some other members of my TikTok Fam like Toby and John (@DFlicks).

John is a film maker who has a few movies on Amazon. His company is Darkstone Entertainment has some great movies you should check out!

Extended Family is weird

I needed to vent about some stupidity with someone who’s not really family but kinda. So, I did. IRL family irks me a lot sometime.

Crazy Joe is no longer on Live365 and on July 12th he harassed a protester we go on covering that of course. This woman seems as dumb as Joe in my opinion, but again. My opinion on how she was portraying herself in the clip. And of course Joe tries to act all intelligent then automatically hits on her.

Music this show was:

  • House of 1000 Corpses – Zombie Girl
  • Out For Blood – Valley of Wolves

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