Cool Cat: End Game

173: Cool Cat: Endgame

What if Cool Cat was in Endgame? What if Steve laid off the edibles? Both will never happen, but what did happen is another show in your ear butts!

Endgame: Phases 1 and Deuce

Steve has a little trouble after seeing Avengers: Endgame this weekend. It started with an identity crisis and then issues with the other things that are ending this year.

Steve talks about some plans he has that are VooDooRadio related, such as a Music Video that is going to be made for Old Crazy Joe Parody.

Then he totally nerds out discussing stuff like Marvel’s latest film (Avengers: Endgame), Game of Thrones ending, and the Skywalker Saga portion of Star Wars ending this year in December.

People signed a petition to re-do Game of Thrones final season and it got 1 million signatures by the time I recorded. Was the season rushed? Maybe. Why was it possibly rushed? Two Words: Star Wars. The show runners are going to be working on the post Skywalker Saga episodes of Star Wars.

Enough nerd stuff. I need to put my head on someone’s shoulder now.

Endgame: Phase Tree and Whore

We have covered Cool Cat before, but recently good ol’ Daddy Derek has released a new character called Dirty Dog, which is basically Derek in a dog costume and T-Shirt with the name on it (of course).

He also has released another movie called “Cool Cat Kids’ Superhero,” which again, is just a re-hash of his previous movies re-cut with a couple of “new scenes.” We cover Pewdiepie’s coverage of the new movie. All in all, we agree with his thoughts on this piece of… Cinema?

Felix points out the stupidity, I point out the obvious fixes that could have been made with the film. Let’s agree to agree I guess. Also, Derek performs one of the worst white raps in history. Oh shit, I hope he doesn’t put a copyright claim on me now.

What are the California helmet laws? Because Cool Cat isn’t wearing one while riding a motorbike. Is that what you want to teach the kids? Ride unsafe? Also, who the fuck is Glen?!

Hi, I’m Chris Hansen, have a seat.

Cool Cat goes from painting, to rapping, to recyling, to unsafe motorsycle rides, then tackles the bullying issues. Oh My GAAAAAWDUH! But doesn’t it help if you can understand the bully?

“With friends like that, you better not have any enemies.”

– Cool Cat

After covering Pewds we play our voicemails and bail.

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