152: Winnie the Cow Lover

In this episode, Steve passes out after mentioning his stint with food poisoning the night before. After that he talks about his stay-cation and some highlights of when he went to the movies and to Hancock Shaker Village with his daughter.
New stories this week were about all the ancient food found recently that the internet keeps petitioning to allow someone to eat them (no word on the horse, but it seems that would be up there for the meat of the cheese sandwich they already want to eat along with some red goo to wash it down). Three men in PA caught banging animals in front of a kid. Then we talk about some recent deaths as well.
No more Podcast Videos on YouTube for a while. They’re too time consuming and I love performing my audiomancy more. Plus YouTube has been kind of a bitch with certain videos lately.
But, hey, check out our videos on YouTube that aren’t the podcast. They’re still pretty, pretty sweet.
Music this week was:
    • Fuck the Shit – Sons of Butcher
    • Never Wanted to Dance – Mindless Self Indulgence
    • Map of Tasmania – Amanda Palmer
    • Mister Nice Guy (ft. VR and Shubzilla) – Kabuto the Python

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