Chewie Died For Our TikToks

171: Chewie Died for Our TikToks

Chewie? Is that you?

It’s May the Fourth and Star Wars Day is really a sad one this year for we lost Peter Mayhew who played the giant walking carpet known as Chewbacca. Godspeed Chewie!

Episode One: The Phantom Sickness

We start off with how we started recording earlier than usual because my daughter was sick with a little re-enactment of the hangout call we had. I cannot afford to get sick myself so stayed home. Worked on the final version of my “Old Town Road” parody right before the show.

Episode Two: Attack of the TikTokers

Then I talk about my little TikTok addiction and some of the people I have been following like Dacifilia who I partook in a live stream of hers last night albeit a laggy experience. Great person!

I also love the people that have started following me, why do you do it too?

Episode Three: Revenge of the Dicks

Then we get into the whole nerdy part about Star Wars Day and the death of Chewie. Peter was reported as a great and amiable person to be around when fans met him at the cons. Sad to hear he passed at 74 this week.

We then talk about the best conversation about Star Wars in a film that was not in a film that was using Star Wars as the back-ended plot of the movie (aka “Fan Boys”). Spoiler: It’s from “Clerks”.

Episode Four: A VooDooDope

Yes, yours truly almost fell for a phishing scam from a person that had begun following him on TikTok. Points that pointed out the person was a fake:

  1. watermark = Video is most likely a video being piped in as the “live” person.
  2. Person of the age that they were portraying not keen on slang terms used by the age they are. (i.e. “ghosting”) or the fact “Cox” makes a 12 year old brain giggle.
  3. Did not match up to behaviors of someone who would fit the mold of a single mother with a toddler (did not talk about the kid at all).
  4. Asked for me to pay for “data minutes.” and sent a photo of a supposed text from Cox to add more or “borrow” minutes. Uh, yeah, not quite.

So long story long, BLOCKED! REPORTED! Fuck off!

Episode Five: The Idiot Strike Back

Thinking about getting on dating apps, but very very cautious and anxious, so I go back to talking about TikTok and more people I follow on the app.

Which reminds me I have to give out special thanks to SoulForger66 from TikTok for his news man bits!

Episode Six: Return of The Ramblin’ Guy

I rambled a bit about work, getting a speeding ticket and TV shit before deciding it was time to wrap it all up.

Music This Week

  • Cantina – Voltaire
  • Being from the Spaceport of Mos Eisley – Palette-Swap Ninja
  • This N’ That – Muck Sticky

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