150 – Give Me More Cheese! (Reposted)

This is the audio version of the show, we also have a video version as well. Will I continue making the video versions? Who knows. I really need to learn more about OBS and get it so shows are a little more seamless. Both were recorded in the newly refurbished VooDooStudio South.

This episode is not about me delving into my cheddar addiction, we talk about a woman demanding more cheese at a taco bell for a bit. Then we meet the gay master of fire and the worst thief in Puerto Rico.

After we looks at these videos we discuss the first superhero film in history, then a game developer sets herself on fire, an up-skirt photographer burns his foot, then a flesh eating virus takes out a Russian guitarist.

We also listen to Stuttering John prank the President on Air Force One (which I should have played Nelly under in retrospect). And, we talk about a new adult game cumming to you on Amazon. All this and your moment of Joe.

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Music on the Audio Version was:

  • Scum of the Earth – Get Your Dead On
  • Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra – The Killing Type
  • The Strand – You Make Me Crazy
  • Lourds – Astropop
  • [munk] – Podpeople

Listen to Stuttering John’s Podcast: http://stutteringjohnpodcast.libsyn.com/

Watch Judex, the first superhero film (well three of the serials): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrsEOYRIBiQ&t=5s

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The reason the title says reposted is because I selected the wrong file for the show. UGH!

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