161: Sick of Being Sick

Tis the season for fever, aches, dizziness, congestion, nauseousness and puking and just being sick of being sick. Steve was sick AF since last week, but somehow picked up the energy to do a show anyway. First we talk all […]

FTH-004: Don’t You Dare Call Me Santa!

Don’t you dare call me Santa, I am not that fat! This is an example of the patron only podcast I have been doing called “For The Horde!” Normally only patrons get this, but as a bonus Christmas gift, I […]

158: Holiday Pot… What?

Well, it’s the show before we kick off our holiday special (which will be two shows this year).  We kick off with a sexy Merrill Howard Kalin moment that guy knew how to cook some good and tasty food… Not […]

157: Aw nut(s)!

November 2018 has been the worst month for me so far! It’s no nut November and I hate to say it, but it really is a bad idea, not only that but it’s no shave November as well. Guess what […]

156: All Hallows Eve – ASMR Kids Edition

It’s the weekend before Halloween and we stir up some creepy and not so creepy stuff. Steve has a geeky moment talking about watching the Rosa Parks episode of Doctor Who with his daughter, then talks about the weird infiltration […]

155: This is Crazy Joe and The Blue Mailbox

Well, well, well. Looks like I took my sweet ass time getting this show out.  I talk about what I have been up to since the last show and George and Achmed pop in for a little adventure. What is […]

154: Who Turned My Gay Frogs into A Dad?

This is a little different than our other shows. Normally I don’t discuss my views on parenting, however a small conversation with my daughter while watching an episode of Doctor Who triggered something in me that stuck in my head […]

153: Burgers, Ice Cream and Edibles (Oh My!)

in this latest episode, Steve takes his daughter out for burgers and ice cream over the weekend. The Burger joint we went to was Local Burger in Northampton, MA. Great little joint. The ice cream was not just any other […]

152: Winnie the Cow Lover

In this episode, Steve passes out after mentioning his stint with food poisoning the night before. After that he talks about his stay-cation and some highlights of when he went to the movies and to Hancock Shaker Village with his […]

151 – Family Friendly Sexbots

What happened when you create a sexbot to be part of the family? What three trailers made Steve moist the most? Find out in this episode! The video version will be released on YouTube as well. We’re still trying this […]

150 – Give Me More Cheese! (Reposted)

This is the audio version of the show, we also have a video version as well. Will I continue making the video versions? Who knows. I really need to learn more about OBS and get it so shows are a […]

149 – Infinity Joe

We’re back to talk about Infinity War. Then we see what happens when you force a bot in the neural net to watch Olive Garden commercials for thousands of hours. And then we talk about Joe’s meltdown on June 18th […]

148 – Racist Supreme

We are not talking about a new Taco Bell item, we are tackling the issue of racism that has seemingly been the number one news topic plaguing May 2018. Steve also gets all dad-mode because his daughter had her recital […]

147 – The Pedo Files

We recorded this for the first time in VooDooStudio Norhe! No Six months did not pass by already, we’re moving forward with a better scheduled show, however this week was a little late, because I had taken the weekend to […]

146: Thirst Quenchorgasm

Have you every been so thirsty you just kept talking about all the different drinks until you realize that it was supposed to be a show about sex? Well.. That happened this week. We went over the idiot that was […]

145: Cryogenically Yours, VooDooStevie

I am back for a quick show. Just a few updates to go over including the following: WTF has happened since the last show?! • VooDooStudio was flooded. • Anxiety, Depression, and CBD • PodCamp Western MA 10 • YouTube […]

S02E06: Presented to you by The Onion Organization

The Onion Organization Presents: Because that time you identified yourself, but Joe knows you are an Onion. And that onion is you. Facebook Live – I’m going to experiment with this first on my personal FB page then we’ll move […]

S02E05 – Red Onion Joe And The Fools (Part 2)

We continue our conversation about Joe and Redbar. We are also joined by Jonsey, Rachel, Josh, and Lauren for a long ass show! These types of shows were fun to do and I hope to do them throught our Facebook […]