166: Steamed Birthday Bun Bullies

Bullies are a big problem kids face these day. But, it’s been quite a busy past couple of weekends with my daughter. The weekend of her actual birthday, we went to see the Captain Marvel Movie (nerd alert activated and yes I feel the eyes rolling from here) then We walked around the dead mall.

The next weekend was all about trying new foods (asian cuisine) and making her happy.

After our little musical break, we talk about bullying, yours truly had been victimized in the past with it, but stood up to them in a way not really accepted today. My daughter has recently been victimized by it, and we talk about a teen in Tennessee that was bullied by classmates and moved into a new school. Here’s the video we covered:

Our moment of Joe includes our favorite goof, Steve Curran.

Music this week was:

  • Everything’s Illegal In Massachusetts – Too Late Escape
  • Let’s Go – Methods of Mayhem

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