Blown Up and Pissed Off

Blown Up and Pissed Off

Blown up from all the bullshit surrounding the show and doing videos for TikTok, Steve takes matters into his own hands.

Something’s Afoot at VooDooStudios

Achmed and George decided to head over to confront Steve about not doing a show with them only to find out that Steve has really overdone it this time. In the show’s absence he has created some machine that increased his TikTok obsessed production, but it’s been killing him.

Blown Up and Soul-less

The Dark Lord decided not to intervene with it at first, but Achmed talks him into helping fix Steve. Or at least bring him back to life.

Fun Fact: The incantation “Ex quo utrem, reple tuórum cortex. Quod culus, non ita ad infernum. Nunc adepto vos off areæ stultus mater canem,” is translated as, “From this bottle, fill the shell. So that this asshole doesn’t go to hell. Now get off the floor you stupid mother of a dog!”

Google Translate

After the Dark Lord revives Steve, Achmed and George start the show and in complete Steve fashion, he takes control of the show and explains the six chances of surviving death in his life time. From overdose to multiple heart attacks.

He then gets into talking about managing his time doing the show because doing other things like TikTok and Likee (which you should have seen coming). Steve then kicks out Achmed and George for the rest of the show and goes back into trying to figure out how he is going to do the time management on shows and videos and how sometimes the short videos can help with the show as well.

Hey, instead of bitching about lack of shows. Why not help? Give us some ideas? Guest host a show. Become a co-host. Get involved!

Check out John Johnson’s movies from Darkstone Entertainment. You can find a bunch of them on Amazon Prime streaming video. Dr. Ella Mental and Plan 9 is highly recommended to check out.

Steve is participating in a puppet challenge on TikTok. If you’re on the app, please vote for him!

Stop! Ranting Time.

After a normal musical break, Steve goes on a rant about Facebook’s messenger app. And how it bypasses muted notifications all the time. Especially on calls and mentions. Fix your shit, Facebook! Also, the group who calls on it. Do it only once, or I’m out!

Steve found a funny bit about how podcast hosts interrupt their guests and totally sidetrack them all the goddamn time.

Now he is part of a positive community, things are looking up. Also with summer ending and it’s cooler, more shows should be coming down the line.

We head into the 3 voice mails that Jonesy left. Pick up the pace Jonesy! Ya talk too slow! Also ya pissed me off! Enter phase two of the rant-zone!

I don’t like ranting, but it sometimes clears the air, and I hope you assholes understand.

Music this show was:

  • Better – The Bleachers
  • Bad Guy (In the Style of Breaking Benjamin) – Anthony Vincent
  • Fight the Power – Leo Morrachioli
  • Play That Funky Music Rammstein – DJ Cummerbund
  • Montana – John Linnel

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