Old Algorithm Choad

168: Old Algorithm Choad

Our lives are just one big shitty algorithm. Especially when our online lives are forced to live by them.

Part 1: Inside the Matrix

We started off with this week’s moment of Joe when Steve Curran called in twice. After that we began talking about some of the changes we are making to the show and also how Apple, YouTube and Facebook’s algorithms are really shitty. First Apple tried making all podcasters remove the episode number from their title, YouTubes many issues and how Facebook was under fire for their gory content algorithm failed the New Zealand mass shooter video from being pulled quicker.

Part 2: Mish Mash in Music

We discuss the viral track by Lil Nas X called “Old Town Road” and how being removed from Billboard could be either a racist move, or the fact that Billboard doesn’t understand how to figure out music genres. Especially when they are a combination of genres like this and “Uptown Funk” a couple of years ago.

Part 3: Algorhythm…

I mean… Uh… Music this week was:

  • That’s Right I’m Good – Gangstagrass
  • What’s it All For – Bazaar Royale

Please consider the following things:

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