Addiction and Losses

175: Digital Addictions And Losses

Addiction is usually a bad thing. Is Steve completely addicted to TikTok now? Is Crazy Joe gone? We may have these answers, or more questions.

High Times

This week we talk about why there was no show last week. I was Dadding it up for the most part, but then Queefus Interruptus occured.

Steve talks about how his TikTok experience has been going since he joined back in late April. Currently at this recording we’re at 32 followers with 28 vids. This hopefully will increase soon. Also, Steve has noticed that the people on TikTok are more about cross promotion unlike YouTube’s self promotion that he feels on there.

Withdrawls Are Coming

Joe messed up a phone call to a band (of course) and the woman he reached basically tore him a new asshole. And it was GLORIOUS!

Ben from Zero Effect was the main attack of Joe’s ranting, but he of course blames the Onions and thinks that going to Live365 is going to be his ticket to fame. Oh and it looks like he was removed from Periscope too:

Show of 404's
The Show of 404’s Everyone!

Music this show was:

  • Rehab – Leo Moracchiolo
  • I’ve No More Fucks To Give – Thomas Benjamin Wild, Esq.

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