Listening To The Show

If you are unfamiliar with podcasts, where have you been in the past decade? There are many ways to listen to the show.


Our Site
Every new show has a post on the website. Every post has the option to play right on the site or you can manually download the show from the site as well.
This is by far one of the best ways to subscribe. With the RSS feed not only will you get the latest shows, but if you are using a  RSS reader (like Thunderbird, Feedly or other) you will get news posts I put on the site as well. But if you use a program that is known as a podcatcher (like gPodder, Banshee, PodCat, AntennaPod, etc.) you will get the latest audio or video file we put in the feed.
You don't need to use the fruit based company's products to listen to the show, but you can. The show is in the iTunes Music Store under Podcasts and is 100% free.

Also, we are listed on Google Play and Stitcher, check the show on those by clicking the respective badges below:

Listen on Google Play MusicSubscribe on Stitcher

The link to our direct RSS feed can be obtained by right-clicking here and copy the address and paste it into your program. Or click on the RSS icon in the header.

Android users clicking on the RSS feed should bring up your podcast listening software such as Podcast Addict (which I personally use and is great).

If you are having any issues with listening or getting the show, drop a message on the contact page and we will try to help you out the best we can.