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Steve "VooDooStevie" Bridges

OG Podcast Host

“VooDooStevie” Bridges

It all began in 1974 when Steve was born. Oh wait, too far back, let’s fast forward to 1996. Windows 95 was the big forerunner in getting on the Internet and Steve was no stranger to being “on-line,” being an old fart and being a member of a few BBS systems back in the late 80’s.

Not only was this the early days of the Internet, this was the beginning days of streaming audio using Real Player. Steve had stumbled on a streaming radio station called WPEN; Penumbra Cyber Radio. After talking with the owners of the channel he was granted a DJ status for them during a time slot that allowed him to dabble in being a “living room” DJ.

About three years later, he got into Role-play Gaming (Dungeons and Dragons you pervs!) and started RPGCampaign Radio which was a live show done through Shout-cast streaming, however at this point in time, the software plug-in for WinAmp that allowed you to stream your shows and music play-list also allowed you to save your show as an MP3 file.

Now, the only way to play back the show was to go to the website and manually download the show.  The show only lasted a year and Steve focused more on web design and graphical work after that for years.

Fast forward to 2005, the iPod Nano (the tall slim model) was out and Steve bought one and noticed there was something called PodCasts on the iPod and in iTunes as well. After grabbing shows like Nobody Likes Onions, Keith and the Girl, Dawn and Drew, Distorted View Daily, and The Mediocre Show, Steve realized he could actually do the same thing and in some (or most) cases, better! And thus, VooDooRadio was born!

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