THE Podcast History

History - First Show Album Art

Thanks for wanting to know about the history of VooDooradio. The first episode in our history was posted on the internet on January 16, 2006. It initially started as a way to introduce listeners to a variety of music from independent artists all over the world. A lot of the music was sourced from many places in the early days of podcasting. Sources like the Podsafe Music Network (created by Adam Curry’s company, known as Podshow), Ariel CyberPR, Jamendo, and many more. We also requested permission to play directly from the artists themselves if we found them through MySpace or even in person at shows that we would actually attend back in those days.

No Co-hosts

Throughout its history, the show had special guests on the show fill in as a co-host position, but we never had a full-time co-host over the course of the original show. Call it a combination of being an introvert and a control freak if you will, but Steve could never get someone to do the show on a regular basis.

So what does someone do when the show needs a co-host and you can’t get anyone to be reliable enough to do the show with you? Why, you create your own!


To make the co-hosting gig be reliable, Steve created characters that would fill in the position. The first characters were from bits he did:

  • VooDooRoboto – This was a character that Steve really didn’t voice, but it was a character that did appear in the VERY first episode. He announced the episodes and coined the phrase “All your iPods belong to us” which was synonymous with the show in the early shows.
  • Achmed “Hindu-Stevie” Jahamadad – Achmed first appeared in a bit Steve did for when the show was sponsoring Fresh Media Works. He was the voice of the tech support agent telling him that the podcast was certified fresh (their catchphrase).
  • Leroy The Jungle Bunny – Leroy appeared in a bit for a cereal that was the ultimate racist cereal called “Nigga-Pops”
  • The Dark Lord – This guy showed up after we put out a side-story to the podcast known as “Roadtrip to Oblivion” when Jason (the host) added Steve as a character involved with the take-down of Podsafe Network Headquarters. Steve apparently made a deal with the Dark Lord and he was not happy that he was changing the show with more character voices.
  • Peter “Homo-Stevie” Holdsteady – No relation to Gary Holdsteady of the Podcast known as “The Independent Stream” he was brought on board when we did the side story as well.
  • Travis “Emo-Stevie” Felcher – Another character brought about during the side story.
  • George “Special-Stevie” Poopmapahnts – George was brought about later as a gag to add to the “Multi-Stevies”

These characters all made appearances individually and then as an ensemble in quite a few shows. The last major production with the characters during the first run of the show was a Christmas show that had some awesome production quality but content-wise sucked ass because Steve didn’t write it out and basically just winged it.

The original show’s run was from 2006-2010. Steve had taken time off from podcasting due to family obligations and also a lack of motivation to do a show.

New Beginnings

In 2015 he started the show back up. The show had evolved from focusing on music to including skit comedy and parody songs created by the host. In 2019, Steve started losing the motivation to get into producing shows with the current format and his interests began shifting. He was not sure what to do a show about and what direction he wanted to go in. By 2020 VooDooRadio as a podcast was ending.

The shows are available via the Internet Archive. You can find the archives at the following links which we have provided by the year:

Sadly we could not archive ten episodes of the shows in 2007 for they were lost to a hard drive crash and host changes over the years.

If you would like to know more about us, please look at what we are currently doing and what we hope to provide people in the future.