147 – The Pedo Files

We recorded this for the first time in VooDooStudio Norhe! No Six months did not pass by already, we’re moving forward with a better scheduled show, however this week was a little late, because I had taken the weekend to build up VooDooStudio North.
The VooDooRadio’s Patreon officially has re-launched and already I have been working on content and releasing things on there.
As I mentioned, VooDooStudio North was worked on over the weekend and patron’s got exclusive video and lens of the process.
I am thinking if I should also post shows on YouTube? I am not keen about fake videos (Videos with a static image over the audio). Also I would have to cut all music out of the audio for YouTube’s version which is not a major issue, but tedious.
I looked over some news stories from the past week and these caught my eye:
All this and your moment of Joe!
The Pretty Reckless – Miss Nothing
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